Keeping You & Our Staff Safe

Offering a safe and healthy dining experience is our top priority. We follow all current state and federal COVID-19 guidelines for restaurants. We also have built-in features  — like our floor to ceiling windows that open to keep the air flowing inside, our large heated patio and an automated hand sanitizing station right when you walk in the door — that enhance safety and ensure your comfort when visiting with us. And you can always get a Barchetta pie to go.

Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols

While a return to normal is within sight, we are following COVID-19 safety precautions to ensure the health and well-being of our staff and guests.

Here’s what you can count on from us:

  1. All staff have been fully vaccinated.
  2. We follow all local, state and federal COVID-19 guidelines for restaurants.
  3. We have an automated hand sanitizing station inside the front door.
  4. We utilize electronic menus — on our wall and on your own device — rather than paper menus to both save a tree and keep things clean.
  5. We’ll keep our doors and windows open whenever possible to keep the air flowing for our indoor diners.
  6. Our patio is heated to make outdoor dining enjoyable most days of the year.
  7. Takeout orders can be picked up outside so you never have to enter the restaurant, unless you want to, of course!

We’ll count on you to:

  1. Please wear a mask when you enter Barchetta and when you get up from your table even if you have been vaccinated.
  2. Stay home if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you!

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